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Lots of hugs


Lots of hugs, that is what these words mean. And that is what is very important in anyones lives, but it is kind of a theme these days in my life.

It’s with reason that I’ve been absent for so long. I don’t think anyone is waiting for me to elaborate on this but a lot of hugs were needed.

Now I’m on my way back, still a long road ahead of me, but I’m getting there. Since a few weeks it’s possible again to craft. A few simple things are already finished, and some larger ones are in progress.


I’ve started to make a landscape quilt. The first pieces have been pinned down, and step by step I’m adding elements. Because I’m a bit unsure about this kind of quilt, I’m watching lots of tutorials and looking at lots of Pinterest pictures; it’s very time-consuming this way, but it gives me lots of ideas. Piece by piece elements are added.



This is the other side of what looks like a potholder, but is actually a kind of postcard made of fabric. The front is embroidered with a beautiful spring design, and quilted with swirls. The back was embroidered on a quite stirdy denim fabric, and then all layers, including the stabilizer on both embroidered pieces, were put together, with a binding made of cotton cut on the bias. A little card for my mum.

Groetjes, Dorien

Messing around


Although I usually don’t make new year’s resolutions, I really wanted to blog more this year; so here is my second post!!

Ahum. What happened? I don’t know. I guess life happened. It’s not as if I haven’t done anything with yarn or fabric, but it wasn’t really much to show or tell about. Is there now then?  No, there isn’t. So this little post is just to say I’m happily messing around.

The picture above shows crocheted strips which I’ve woven into a piece. The idea was to see what happens in different layouts of the strips. Of course I forgot to make pictures of all the pieces.

P1030817 (2)

This morning I came down and this is what my table looked like:


Most of the things you see are connected with the knitting in the left corner. I’m trying to mix a lot of different kind of knitting-patterns together, and this takes a lot of thinking, trying, math, and writing down. The pile of books are knitting books, which I use for examples, and more specifically for knitting terms and ways of making a pattern readable.

On the right there is a shirt of my son, who wants me to sew on a few more patches. As a scout he should do it himself, I know, but as a mom using needles and thread every day, it is a small favor to do it.

In between you can see a book called ‘Zoet, zuur & zout’, which is Dutch for Sweet, sour & salt. It is a book I received only a few days ago, which is about how to preserve food. I never learned about the techniques used to do this, and it does interest me so maybe this will help.

On top of the table, you can see a piece of fabric, which is probably going to  be made into a pair of pyjama pants.

Groetjes, Dorien

What to say…..

It has been such a long time that I think it is better to describe my summer with a couple of pictures instead of a long, boring text.

Vakantie collage

A little idea of our travels this summer. We’’ve been to France, Spain and a weekend to the lovely city of Mechelen in Belgium.

And of course; my hands have been busy too.

Zelfgemaakt collage

I hope it won’’t take this long before my next post. I’’ve lot of ideas and quite some time on my hands, so it should be possible to get at least a few of them started.  For now, I just leave you with this funny picture I made just around the corner; it is an abandoned bike I pass every day, and I just love watching it. It is almost as if the longer it stands there, the more beautiful it gets.


Groetjes, Dorien



This is what I did this morning. A cardigan which I made 12 years ago was put in the bin. I’ve used it every day, and it showed. It was a cardigan made by a pattern from Kaffe Fasset. This is what it looked like in better days:


And even here you can see it is quite worn.

It was high time to replace this, so a couple of years ago I got a new pattern-yarn-kit.


Never thought it would take me this long to finish this:  3½ years! But here it is…


It was knitted in the round, and then the steek was cut open.


It was the first time ever for me to do it, and it was a bit terrifying. But it all did go okay.

Even the inside looks great. Overall I’m very happy with the result, and I can only hope this cardigan will last as long as its predecessor.


The pattern is ‘Bird Jacket’ by Christel Seyfarth.

Groetjes, Dorien


Not writing on my blog, didn’t mean that I didn’t have any ideas. On the contrary; right now the ideas are tumbling in my head to be worked out. So I started with one of them.


It starts with a circle, and than the idea is to attach more circles, but not just on the edge, but it has to look as if they overlay eachother.


So far I’ve made a couple of swatches, but they all are not completely right; sometimes they wrinkle too much, then the last round is too small, or the edges don’t look very nice.


Guess I know what I’ll be doing the next days. But not tonight. Tonight I’ll be at a concert by Mumford and Sons!

Groetjes, Dorien

Hey! Hallo it’s me again

Life took over. I guess that is the only thing I can say about my very long absence. In my last post I told you about going on holiday, which was pretty awesome. The months since then were filled with family, study, reading and a lot of other not important but very time consuming activities.

Am I back now? I sure hope. I really missed blogging, but it never really seamed to be the time to start again. Now it feels right.

P1010984 bijgesneden en verkleind

Do you know Fibonacci? It is a mathematician who defined a certain sequence which is quite easy; 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ….
This is what I used as starting point for a new pattern.


In this pattern  the colours change according to the Fibonacci sequence. With a lot of different colours this results in a very happy cheerful knitting, but you can also limit yourself to just one colour, but then different shades.

P1010944 bijgesneden

I’ve made a pattern with descriptions of both a cowl and an infinity scarf. The instructions are written, with a chart. It is a nice, quite easy pattern, perfect if you want to learn how to knit with 2 strands.

I hope you like it!

Groetjes, Dorien

There’s a blog hop going round!


Welcome to the Around the World Creative Blog Hop!!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by the lovely Teje from Nero’s Post and Patch to join this wonderful Blog Hop going round in Blogland.
I’m almost sure you’ve heard about her blog and read it yourself; if not, please go over there and have a look. She is such a talented lady, and never afraid of taking on something new. If you read her posts about her Fantasy Forest Quilt, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Now it’s my turn to answer 4 questions.

1 What am I working on?

This is a the right question at the wrong time. At the moment I’m not really working on any new ideas. After surgery a couple of months ago, focus has been on different things, and as for crafting, I’ve only worked on some projects which were already started.


A cardigan by Christel Seyfarth; growing very slowly. It’s beautiful, but it really needs attention and concentration.


Playing with South-American motives and colours.



Books! Books filled with colours, designs, techniques and the most wonderful creations. I can spend hours browsing and reading, learning about costume history, about which special demands costumes for ballet or circus have, about traditional techniques and colours from all over the world. Fabric and yarn, textiles…. it is just the most wonderful world around.

Hopefully I will get back at actually making things very soon, and then I will have so many new ideas that I’ll probably haven’t time for all of them.


2 How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Usually I say it’s playing with colours what I do. Literally. I try to use/make simple designs where the colours can shine.
In this picture I used the colour circle as a basic grid, and I tried to explore the use of larger/smaller pieces of colour.


In this blanket every circle is made with different shade of 1 colour; very simple idea, but great effect.


And another sample of using the colour circle.

When it comes to knitting; I work the other way around; quite intricate designs with a simple use of colour. Very often I use selfstriping yarns to obtain wonderful colours.



The easiest way of playing with colours is to sew strips together, every time just 1 shade different from the previous.

Again, using the colour circle, and going round and round, in the end this results in a very easy, but nice dog pillow:


These are some examples of how my work is made; in what way it really differs from others is hard to tell. I’m sure lots of it is influenced by all the beautiful things I see on all those wonderful blogs, and of course on Pinterest.

3 Why do I write/create what I do?

It is the reason why I live; this is what I breathe and what I’m made of and for. No other reason than this. I’m sure a lot of people joining this blog hop have already stated this, and I’m no exception.

The downside of this is also that always when I see something in a magazine or a shop, I am confident that I can make it myself. Usually for a much smaller budget, with better finishing an with a few personal details added.

Squint of London can make the most beautiful furniture, way out of my reach, but with a simple chair of IKEA, and samples of upholstery fabric, you can make your own chair.


But this goes for clothes too; in the catalogue of Odd Molly I found this lovely cardigan, and that was for me the reason I started crochet again.

And many times, I create something because I want to give a special gift to someone; personalized or made for an occasion.


A cover for my husbands new Ebook.


4 How does my writing/creative process work?

There is not just one way this works. Sometimes I have a very clear and detailed idea about what I’m going to make, and then I look for the materials needed.

011 001

This became my own new toiletbag:

032 016

Another time, I’m getting my ideas from a special fabric or yarn, or a theme like Autumn.

Picture 038

The theme inspired me to make different blocks; applique, machine embroidery and simple patchwork. Only after making these blocks, I had the idea to make a bag like this.

A few years back I wanted to learn a new knitting technique: Fair-Isle. So I bought Alice Starmore’s beautiful book and a few skeins of wool and started a sample. This became eventually my most beloved cowl.


Well, this was certainly an exercise in self restraint. It’s easy to go on and on about telling and showing. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, and I would love to introduce 3 ladies who I admire, and who will be continuing the blog hop:

Lone from Flowermouse Design : this lady totally understands colour, and her designs, both in knitting as in polymer clay are eye candy.

Christelle (Stel) from Haak en Stekie : she is wonderful with crochet, and her stories and pictures about her country are wonderful to read and see.

Esther from Ipatchandquilt : a very versatile lady, who shares her adventures in quilting. Her (paperpiece) designs are wonderful, and she talks about her work with great passion.

You can read their stories next week August 25.

Groetjes, Dorien

About my absence

It has been quiet over here, hasn’t it? Unfortunately this has a reason. 2 Weeks ago, I’ve had surgery on my ankle. In advance the idea was that after a good week, I could walk again. Well, guess what. I can’t. While operating, the doctors decided to do something extra and now I’m not allowed to use my foot in any way for at least 6 weeks. So again, walk with crutches. Lots of time to crochet, knit and read….
Except that my hands are feeling numb (I’m not used to the crutches) so crochet and knitting aren’t that great. So, reading it is. Lots and lots of reading.

Luckily our garden was finished last year, the weather is gorgeous, so that is where I am.

I really don’t know if I’ll be back here soon, I just don’t have that much to tell or show right now. But someday….


Until then…

Groetjes, Dorien

Not a Hook but a Book

Thank you all so very much for your very nice comments on my Summer Hexagon Blanket. It is really very much appreciated.

The last days before finishing the blanket, I did hardly anything else then working on it, so you can imagine there was a lot to do in and around my house the last few days. By now I guess I’ve done (almost) all the jobs. You won’t hear me say that I’m finished with everything, because I don’t think that will ever happen in a home with a few adolescent boys around.

Tonight my son and his girlfriend are going to make dinner, so all I have to do today is crawl under my blanket and read a good book.


Groetjes, Dorien