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Some finished projects

P1040645 (2)

It has been a while since my last post, but that doesn’t mean it was very quiet over here. Lots of life going on, and lots of projects finally finished. The first I can show is this little quilt.
A few months ago, I was very happy to get the wonderful EQ8, a quilt-design software. I’ve been playing with it a lot and designed the most fabulous quilts, which I’ll never make because they are far too complicated.

WC Quiltje

But this one is completely made by me. I’ve designed three blocks (which are probably to be found somewhere on the web, but what is the fun about that?), and printed the templates.

Each block is 10”inch , and with the border the quilt measures 22”inches (56 cm).


Then all the pieces were cut and the patchwork done.


P1040490 (2)

After quilting (which is not my forte!) I’ve made the binding and a sleeve to hang the quilt. And maybe you’ve noticed: I did the sleeve on the wrong side, so now the large starblock is on the bottom left instead of on the right.

Then, because winter is over, I finally finished this warm, soft cardigan.


Pattern: Weekend Walk
Yarn: Drops Air (Orange)

And last but not least a new tunic, made of linen.

P1040631 (2)

The fabric is screenprinted by hand at a Dutch company: Vlinder

The neckline is almost square. You can’t see any stitches, because I understitched it. This gives it a very clean look.


The sleeves have little box pleats.


And because I really wear a scarf every day, I made one from the leftover fabric.


That’s it for now; I’m going to practice on my quilting skills.

Groetjes, Dorien

Something new and something (too) old


A pair of new mittens! Very much needed because it feels so cold when walking with Fleur, and the nice thing about this pattern is that these mittens are quite long. So my wrist is covered too.


I’m very happy to have managed to match the colors in the yarn on both mittens.


The pattern is Circle Dance , the yarn is Drops Fabel (black) and Drops Delight, colorway 12.

And then something very old. I guess we all have had that pair of jeans which we wore every day if possible. Just the perfect jeans and then just too soon this happens.


And although it seems to be fashionable, and young boys and girls pay extra for new jeans like this, I’m not too happy about a rip like this. But because I didn’t want to say goodbye just yet, I tried to repair it.


Two scrap pieces of blue fabric and strong quilting thread.


One piece is sewn onto the back to the tear, two pieces are patched onto the front. The stitching isn’t too neat, because I didn’t think that would be the right thing to do on such old jeans.  Hopefully they last a couple of weeks longer now.

Groetjes, Dorien

Fabric, Ballet, Portraits and a Project Bag

When I wrote my previous blog post, I had in mind to blog at least once a week. So 9 days isn’t what I should be. I’m sorry!

It has been a strange 9 days, and I think for once I’m going backwards in time.

Today I finished the birthday gift for my oldest son, who is going to be 19 years old tomorrow.


This is just the kind of sweater he loves and wears almost all the time.


Can you see the inside of the hood? It isn’t lining, it is just the back of the fabric; so soft and warm. And to keep this softness and warmth, it didn’t seem right to make the seams the usual way, so I decided to make ‘French seams’.

008 009

All seams are double stitched, so no I guess Mr. Sensitive won’t have itching-issues with this sweater.


Where the hood is sewn onto the sweater, I’ve used a ribbon to cover the seams, because a French seam would become to thick.

That was today, and of course I have been working on it for a couple of days; since Sunday that is. Sunday I went to a huge fabric market. Twice a year this is organized in a town nearby, and it is huge. And because fabric shops are very rare these days, a market like this the perfect place to go to.


These are the fabrics I brought home with me (plus of course the fabric for the hoodie). 3 Linen fabrics and some flowers.


This fabric especially I like a lot. It has wonderful colours and I can’t wait to make a tunica with it. Nothing complicated, a very simple dress it is going to be.

The flower-fabric is going to be the lining of my new bathrobe; the outside fabric will be purple terry.


Saturday was special too. Before we had children, we used to go to the ballet, a couple of times a year. We haven’t been ever since we got our first child; indeed far too long! Saturday though, we went again and it was wonderful.

The National Ballet danced George Balanchines “Jewels”, a ballet in three pieces, with emeralds, rubies and diamonds as inspiration. All three pieces were quite different, one very classic, the other a bit more modern. But all were real gems!


This was such a succes, that I brought home the program for next season and looking at it, I’m almost sure it won’t take another 19 years before I go back.

The days before Saturday (well, actually including Saturday), I paid a visit to Flew-ville, and I don’t think you are desperate to hear all about that…..

Wednesday was great. My husband took the day of from work, and we went to Groningen, the museum there is having a wonderful exhibition with paintings from the ‘Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister’ in Dresden.

Don’t be afraid; I won’t bore you with all the paintings, just a few.

These portrets were painted by Pietro Rotari, and August III, who founded the Gemäldegalerie, had appr. 62 of these paintings. All the same size, and all from the same distance. That seems a lot, but it happens that Catharina II from Russia, had almost 370 of these portraits. And these 16 are already so beautiful to look at.

Finally, something craftrelated.


See the knitting-project-bag in the background?


Even in the 18th century they knew, knitting, wine and pastry are a womans best friends!

Groetjes, Dorien

……… Wednesday


Isn’t this a wonderful splash of colour?  I found these fabrics at a huge market last week, and I simply couldn’t resist.


One of the colours which I don’t have much of is purple, so I’m always happy when I can find it. The other fabrics I just liked a lot, and it is nice when you can use the same fabric in different colours in one project, so that is why a few of these were chosen.

Now I know, you were expecting another Washcloth pattern, but unfortunately this week life really took over, and I just don’t have one for you today. Hopefully next week is going to be a bit more quiet.

Something I did finish is another dress/tunica.


If you look at this photo you would expect the fabric to be a beautiful linen. Nothing of the kind.


It’s fabric used for sweaters. Very warm and it’s wonderful to wear.


The fabric was made of panels of ca. 110 cm, going from light turquoise via purple flowers on green background, to a dark green colour. The length of the panels was perfect for the pattern.


The neckline is very simple; a bit square.

All in all a simple dress to make in 1 evening, although it took me almost 3 days.

Now, the rest of the day I’ll be reading about Erasmus, a very interesting man, whom I should know about because of my study. It is amazing what he has written, both the amount as the content. And I know I usually don’t say anything about more current events in the world, but with everything going on, I think the ideas of this man of 5 centuries ago are very wise and applicable, as one of his ideas was about tolerance.

Groetjes, Dorien

Blue Monday

Hello on this wonderful Monday. Time just went so fast this weekend, that I again didn’t have the opportunity to answer your lovely comments. But they are very much appreciated, so THANK YOU!!


As you can see we still have beautiful weather, and it is hard to imagine fall should start next week. Only all of these little spiders everywhere are telling us that it it really true.

Because it wasn’t possible to exercise this last year, you can imagine my weight has increased a bit (and another bit…)

So my wardrobe needs adjustments. But, somehow I really think I have this agreement with Mr. Murphy I don’t know anything about, because after buying some fabric, my serger  broke down, and exactly the same day the shop-owner went on a holiday for a month. So, finally, last week I could buy a new serger and start sewing again.


Very simple, very easy. A blouse/tunica made with a with flowers embroidered brown linen.


As you can see the fabric is very loosely woven, which makes it quite airy and light. It’s a pleasure to wear.

I even found an old scarf that matches perfectly.


Finally, today a package arrived. I had been looking forward to it for quite some time.


Guess what was in it…..



These blankets have been on a trip abroad. Where they went? I’m afraid I can’t tell you yet! But it was a huge surprise to me, and I will tell you all about in a little while.

Groetjes, Dorien

A bit of Monet

Are you having a Spring feeling already? I definitely have; lots of sunshine over here and look what was on my table these days:


Doesn’t this look like a large field with flowers? Or, maybe even a bit like a Monet painting? I fell in love with this fabric the moment I saw it, and I knew I had to make something quite simple with it.


Very simple neckline, sleeves put in without ruffles or pleats, one simple box pleat in the front.


The easiest cuff around and pockets hidden in the seam.

And there you have it; a very simple but beautiful dress/tunic. The nicest thing is that I can wear it with a skinny jeans, but also without pants.

Now, I’m going to call Fleur and have a nice long walk outside. Enjoy your day!

Groetjes, Dorien

Shawls and Pajamas

Hello lovely ladies! How nice of you to stop by. Today no knitting! As I mentioned last Sunday, I would show what I made with the fabrics I bought at the fabric market. The first 4 items have been finished. Sounds crazy, but they were really the most simple items one can make. First there are 2 pajama trousers for son nr. 2. They are made within 2 hours each.


You only have to look at his fists to see how much he liked showing!

So the other trousers I photographed without him in them.


Stars on a grey background. Sounds a little bit boring, so I added a red lining for the waistband and a couple of red buttons, just for show.


Then I made 2 new shawls. I’m wearing a scarf/shawl every single day. In Winter they are usually made of warm woolen fabric, but in Spring and Summer I want them very light and airy. So I bought two fabrics which are very light, one with a very summery feel to it, and one with more warm colours. To make them into rectangles, I tore them. This way you are sure to make them straight. Then I used the overlock machine for a simple finish of the seams, and voila, 2 new shawls!

011 020



18 Years ago this day, was freezing and it was very slippery. Today the sun shines abundantly and it’s a wonderful 12 degrees outside. Why I know this so exact? It’s the birthday of our oldest son. Today we celebrate his birthday, and I must admit, 18 years sounds very different than 17 years!

Groetjes, Dorien

Going on a trip to Central and South America

Before I’ll tell you about anything happening over here, I want to apologize for not responding to your lovely comments on my last post. I’ve read all of them with pleasure, and it is so nice to see that I’m not at all the last person reading paper books. In fact, telling me you have ordered a book case of 3.5 meters makes me a little bit envious!

But back to now. Since my last post we’ve had a very stubborn and obstinate guest. He (of course it’s a HE) took over our home and family, and didn’t want to leave. Mr. Flu! What a nasty guest he has been. But, with leaving a little bit of rubbish behind, he finally has left the house.

I’ve used this opportunity to go through a few of my most beautiful books.


Both are by Catherine Legrand, who has an eye for textiles and costumes from over the world. The pictures are wonderful with lots of detail.


Looking at these pictures, my eye was drawn to especially the fabrics and colours from Central and South America. And on pinterest I found a lot more.

Mosaic of pictures from Pinterest Costumes

Mosaic of Pictures from Pinterest textiles

Looking at all of this, I wondered if I could do something with it. Weaving is not something I do; I like a bit of embroidery, but not too much. But, I do love knitting, so I thought it might be an idea to translate the colours and motifs into something knitted.

I’ve come up with a few  small patterns so far.

001 003

Lots of ideas, which take a lot of time for computerwork; not really my forte. So I’m going to start with making samples, to see how the colours work, and to get a final idea of what I want to make with it.  To do this, I need yarn. Of course.


Beautiful Shetland Wool in the most wonderful colours. I’ve tried to find at least 4 shades of every colour.

I’ll keep you posted!

Groetjes, Dorien

Winter warm

Hello, how nice to see you! Today I would like to tell you about my new coat. Yes! That is what the fur was for.


The fur was for the collar and the cuffs, the coat itself is made of a very colourful fabric; I’m not sure but I think it’s made with ‘angelina’ fibers.

The collar can be worn open as above, or closed as in this picture. I’ve made pockets, and used big, black buttons.

010 009

A small belt on the back:


And a bright pink lining:


Makes me a new, warm coat:


Groetjes, Dorien