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A little update

Today I finally had time to clear up and clean my workroom and it made me realize that it had been a long time since my last post.

So a little update on what has been going on is in order.

The first item is a new notebook I made for my nephew. He is training for a 1/8 triathlon, so he needs all the encouragement he can get.

P1040682 (2)

The next is a gift for my sister. I needed 26 colors to embroider a celestial design on fabric with a sort of eggplant color.


Then I made this into a pouch with a cotton lining.



Up to now I usually hesitated to machine embroider freehand. Although I’ve quilted quite a lot, this was something that seemed out of my reach.
But as it usually is, just try and make a lot of mistakes, and then at some point. I will kind of get the hang of it. I won’t show all the experiments.

This little girl is world famous (and now I see it without her balloon this picture seems very wrong)


Using a light box I sketched it on the fabric and started embroidering. With the feed dogs down, I moved the fabric under the needle, with black thread ‘painting’ the picture.

I think it worked out pretty well, except for the nose, that will need some extra work.

IMG_20190525_225517420 (2)

Groetjes, Dorien

Covering notebooks


Earlier this year I already made a bookcover like this, and I because all my men use these notebooks, I wanted to make each one of them a personalised book.

It starts with finding a quote which is perfect and not too long. Then the fun starts. Using my embroidery software, I start with the quote as it is, and then play with fonts, lettersizes and layout until I’m satisfied.

ontwerp 1

Design1 b

The last step of designing is to add something extra, in this case a swirl and a banner. Then it should look like this.

Dream Big

After making all three quotes into designs, they were embroidered on felt and then the covers were glued on to the books.




Groetjes, Dorien

Think Pink

Do you know that, when a saying which is not particular for you or your family, keeps popping up? That is what happened here this last weekend. We did a lot of riddles, not even in English, but over and over someone said  as a hint : ‘Think Pink’.

That is what I had in mind this morning. I wanted to do something challenging. Something I hadn’t done before, or which was out of my comfort zone. I already knew what I wanted to make and ‘Think Pink’ was challenge enough for me today. Pink is not really one of my favourite colours. I hardly ever use it and I don’t have much pink stash.

A while ago I got this address book which I think is quite ugly. It is some fake leather brownish and just the look of it is so awful! But I received it from one of my boys, so I had to keep it. Ever since I got it, I wanted to make a cover for it, so that is what I did, a pink cover.

So I took the book,

Picture 007 

grabbed my pink stash,

Picture 003

and made a cover.

Picture 005

Picture 004

Not only a lot of pink, but also a lot of flowers. That’s enough!! Both are not my cup of tea and I don’t really know what to think of this, whether I like it or not.

Groetjes, Dorien