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Because Winter is over…..


No blue hexagons this time, but something I worked on the last couple of weeks. I love to wear self-made socks and I was running out of them. Because I had some sockyarn in my stash, it was quickly decided what to do.

So I started with these.


Pretty simple pattern. As all sock patterns this one has a smaller foot and a wider leg. But my ankles are much smaller than my feet. So a pattern needs to be adjusted, I just didn’t know how because it had been a very long time since I knitted some socks for me.


This was an easy way to do it; just knit the back of the leg in rib. I made these a bit longer, only to see if I like that.


Last attempt is with a pattern. It looks very intricate, but is quite simple. As you can see I made the leg not as long as in the second pair, but longer than the first. These fit perfectly and as soon as I’m in town, I’ll buy some more sock yarn.


Groetjes, Dorien

Dutch Blue Bird

Hello and thank you for your lovely comments. It is always a pleasure to read them and I appreciate them very much.

I had planned to make a post today with some pictures of Brussels, because I had planned to go there last Saturday. But Murphy’s law came by in the shape of a terrible headache so this trip was cancelled and hopefully we can go somewhere in the next few weeks.

As promised, I will show you the last few presents I made for Sinterklaas. The first one is a hat I was asked to make for our oldest son. He really likes to hide himself in almost every possible way, and this hat, …., well see for yourself:


He is actually a rather handsome boy to see, can’t you tell?

The last gift I made were a pair of socks for our host-daughter. She is from Costa Rica and there, even in the night, temperature hardly ever drops below 20 degrees Celsius. So you can imagine that she’s having a lot of trouble dealing with the cold nights we have. She is always wearing double pair of socks, even in bed.
Because she is a very girly girl, I decided to make a pair with flowers and with a little bit of purple and pink in them.


Yarn: Drops Delight.

On my table last week:


A really soft, brown fake fur fabric, a medallion with an embroidered bluebird and some Dutch cotton fabrics.

Can you guess what I made with them?

Right, another bag. I just love to make bags and to match different fabrics.


Groetjes, Dorien