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Trip around the World


It started with these colors of yarn and an idea to make a cowl with motives based on patterns from all over the world.

Looking at images in books and of course a lot on the web I found a lot of possible ideas, and eventually I made charts which I could use.

Totale collage-2017-03-10

And now there is this warm, soft, cozy cowl/infinity scarf to touch, to wear, to look at.

P1020859 bijgesneden

The cowl is knitted in-the-round with Stylecraft DK on needle 3.5 mm. In the end the first and last row are joined with kitchener stitch.


Too bad the inside isn’t visible anymore; I think it looks great too.

P1020864 (2) verkleind

The pattern is as usual available in English and Dutch.

Groetjes, Dorien

Tumbling Colours

The idea was to start blogging again on a regular basis, let’s say once or twice a week. And then Microsoft and Google started arguing and Windows Live Writer was out. No blogging for me.

I’m not really a nerd or a wizkid so I needed help from others to fix this. Husband?…. too busy. Son?….having final exams at school. So I had to wait. Husband is still busy, son has finished his exams and has made it!

And now it seems the argue is over and it all should work again; we’ll see.

So here is the post I already wrote a couple of weeks ago.


Can I say: TADAAAAH ?

Yet another blanket is finished. The idea came to me when I was making a patchwork piece according to the ‘disappearing-9-patch’ design. Would this work with crochet?


Because cutting up crocheted squares didn’t really appeal to me, I thought of a different way of getting the same look. This means that in the end only 2 sizes of squares are made.

Squares are joined as-you-go, so pretty soon it was a joy to work on this blanket; never cold!

P1000725 bijgesneden

Again I used one of my favorite yarns: Drops Safran, lots of white, 7 bold and 7 soft colours. But the blanket can be made with any kind of yarn you like, although I wouldn’t recommend bulky or lacey yarns.


The border is kept quite simple.

P1000746 bijgesneden

Of course the pattern is available in the shop.

Groetjes, Dorien

How to make something beautiful and warm which costs nothing but a little bit of time……

One of my favorite things to do is to think about leftovers and what to do with them. It is wonderful what you can do with all those little bits and pieces left in the kitchen, and I love the surprises coming out of the oven sometimes.

But also as a crafter; I have lots of  boxes filled with scraps of fabric, but also with tiny little balls of yarn. Especially after knitting something with lots of different colours leaves you with lots of bits and scraps. Sometimes just a few meters, sometimes almost a whole skein.


This is what was left after knitting a Kaffe Fassett cardigan (the short version). They have been waiting in a box for a long time, because the cardigan nowadays is something I only wear at home; it has so many holes in it, it is a miracle it still keeps me warm.

So, these balls of yarn; what to do with them?


First I arranged them into groups per colour. Then I started knitting with 4 strands of yarn of 1 group (sort of).


Keep on knitting, until the first strand ends. Join the next:

013 015

016 018

This way you keep on knitting and joining new colours.  I kept choosing shades from one colour until they ran out, and then started to use the next colours.


This way the colours change very gradually.

When the smallest ball left, has just enough for one more round, it is time to finish and bind off.


And tadaaah!!


A very simple, nice cowl which didn’t cost anything except some time (not even that much since it is knitted on large needles!)

Seed Stitch:
Round 1: *k1, p1*, repeat until end, end with k1
Round 2: *p1, k1*, repeat until end, end with p1

Repeat round 1 and 2.

Cowl is knitted in the round with 199 stitches, needle 8.00 mm (US 11).
Gauge: 11 st = 10 cm (4 Inch)

Final size: appr. 180 x 18 cm (72 x 7 inch)



Groetjes, Dorien

R for Rosetta


With lots of time on my hands I could finally finish something I started ages ago. The potholder in the middle was made last year, and back then I was asked to make a pattern for it. Didn’t know it would take me this long.


I’ve made a couple of circles/mandala’s with different colours and different edgings; they would do great under a beautiful vase, or maybe even as decoration on the wall.


I even made one with bulky yarn, just to see if the pattern would do for this kind of yarn too.


The pattern is in the shop. I had so much fun doing this, that I really wonder why it took me so long.

Groetjes, Dorien

New Pattern and a little Give Away

A couple of weeks ago I got a question from the very kind Janie, who asked me to make her a pair of skirt guards in rainbow colors. Because the yarn I usually use, didn’t have the right colors, I had to find something else. Here you can find a blog about my new yarn: Schachenmayr’s Catania.

Because the yarn has a different gauge, I couldn’t use the old pattern, so I designed a new one. Two rounds of small flowers, and a less repetition.


Janie was very happy with her Rainbow Skirt Guards, and because I liked them too, I made myself a pair too, but with a burst of colors, just the way I like it.


I guess my bike is ready for lots of sunny weather.


Of course I made a pattern; it’s in the shop 

And because I just feel like it, I’m going to give away a copy of this pattern. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. I would like it if you are a follower of this blog. Make sure I can contact you if you are the lucky one.

I’ll draw a name at the end of the month.

Groetjes, Dorien 

Circles of Flowers


Isn’t this cheerful? A huge pile with new pillows. The circles are crocheted.


It is just so much fun to use every colour in my stash, and to see what the result is going to be. For the circle with all the white, I initially had chosen fabrics in soft, pastel colours, but it would become far to sweet to my taste, so I made the cushion with turquoise and red.


One pillow is made by 2 identical circles, crocheted together, the other one I’ve made used 1 fabric for the pillow, but embellished it with a cute ribbon.


Because of all the space between the flowers, it is necessary to choose the right colour for the insert or the fabric the circle is sewn on to.

Of course the pattern is in the shop!

Groetjes, Dorien

Still Summer

Hello there! Remember me?? It has been such a long, long time since I was over here. My last post was called “First week of Summer”….

Well, Summer it still is, isn’t it? And somehow this year I felt like taking it very slow in these weeks. Only worked on some orders, spend time with my family, went to France for a vacation (I’ll tell you about this later), and worked on a new pattern.

Maybe you remember the picture of the odd, crocheted teardrops in my previous post. Did you guess what it was going to be?


Any idea?


No Summer without Butterflies, don’t you think?


I made a whole lot of them, and they can be used in a garland, or as an applique on a towel, a pillow or a bag. They are perfect for all those little leftovers, and they just make me so happy!


The pattern is in the shop, both in English and in Dutch.

Groetjes, Dorien

New Stars

Hello ladies! Spring is in the air and I’ve just had a long, long walk with Fleur. It is so amazing to feel the sunshine, the warmth, that it is almost a pity to go home again and sit here at my computer. But I have something new to share with you.

Last week I already gave you a sneak peek of what I was working on. Now I can show you the results.


Bright, colourful 5-pointed Star Pillows.


I made 3 different pillows; on top you see a pillow with the front and back panel crocheted directly to each other. In the middle there is a pillow with curved side panels, and the pillow on the bottom has a side crocheted on to the star-panel and joined in the middle. This means the pillow on the bottom is thick but flat, and the other two are more round.

084 080076

Isn’t it fun how different they become, just by using different colours??


The English version of the pattern is now available in the shop

I’m still working on the Dutch pattern; it will be ready soon. Het Nederlandse patroon is af en ook verkrijgbaar in de shop!

Groetjes, Dorien

Happy Colours

Hello! Did you have a good start this year?

I did. The sample I showed in my previous post, has grown into a new cowl. It’s very warm and all the different colours and stitches give it a wonderful texture and look.


That’s why I named this new pattern: Happy Colours!

As you can see a lot of different stitches are used; bobbles, a stitch called ‘Confetti’, and a Lateral Braid.


The bottom of the cowl has a beautiful hem, with a coloured edge.


The top is a Lateral Braid, casted off at once:


The pattern is written in English and in Dutch, and of course available in my shop.

Groetjes, Dorien

November Post


Unbelievable, but this is my first post this month! Not much happened over here, and we are all in good health, so there’s nothing to worry about.

I’ve just been very busy for the shop; made a lot of flower scarves and a pair of skirt guards. And I guess everything has been said about those.

There were some problems with my blog though. I’ve had a lot of spam, and by deleting these messages, I accidentally deleted a comment by Aussie Maria too; I’m very sorry about this, and I hope this won’t happen again.

I’ve started to make presents for ‘Sinterklaas’, which is already within 2 weeks. Every year I want to make a handmade present for everyone, and of course every year I start far too late to really achieve that.

Talking about presents: I have one for you too. A new pattern, quite easy and I really love the look of it.


It’s an ‘Infinity Scarf’, knitted in the round. The total length is 63 inch (160 cm) and it’s about 8.5 inch (21.5 cm) wide.


The scarf has a look as if it is woven, but the only stitches used are ‘knit’ and ‘purl’.


Yarn: approximately 515 yards (470 m), DK weight.
Gauge: 21 stitches in pattern = 4 inch/10 cm.

Cast on 320 stitches with circular needles 3.5 mm ( US 4 ), close the ring, make sure not to twist!

Place a stitch marker at the beginning of the row.

Border: *Knit 1 row, purl 1 row*, 3 times.

Row 1 : knit all stitches
Row 2-4: *knit 3 stitches, purl 5 stitches*, repeat until end of the row.
Row 5: knit all stitches
Row 6-8: purl 4 stitches, *knit 3 stitches, purl 5 stitches*, repeat until you have 4 stitches left, knit 3 stitches, purl 1.

Repeat row 1-8 another 7 times.

Top: *knit 1 row, purl 1 row*, 3 times.

Cast off all stitches and weave in ends.

That’s all!


This picture is of the ‘back’ of the scarf, and as you can see, the pattern is different, but just as beautiful.


Groetjes, Dorien

PS voor Corrie: je hebt me een mail gestuurd ivm het bestellen van een patroon. Daarop heb ik geantwoord, maar ik krijg de mail steeds weer terug. Is er een andere manier om je te bereiken??