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A little bit of everything



Quite a pile of books, isn’t it? These are the books I read since my last post, and I didn’t read any more than usual. It just has been so long ago.

Nothing really happened, just life; work, study, family, dog,  holiday, books, museums/exhibitions and a bit of crochet every day.

So I guess I’ll just kind of randomly show bits and pieces of these last few months, hoping I can get back to a normal number of 1 or 2 posts a week.

The first exhibition was ‘The Oasis of Matisse’


The special thing about Matisse was the diversity of techniques he used. Started as a painter he tried a variety of styles and slowly he worked towards his cuttings. But even the themes and shapes he used there, were also present in a lot of other works:


Stained Glass


A Woven Wallhanging

The other exhibition I’ve visited was the wonderful ‘Late Rembrandt

Although rather crowded, it was absolutely amazing. Of course I’d seen pictures of this painter before, but never so many of his works together, and that was phenomenal.

Just 2 of my favorites:


The Conspiracy of Claudius Civilis


Reading Old Lady – detail

Both museums are on a large square in Amsterdam, and only last week something very odd but beautiful was shown there: Waterlicht by Studio Rosegaarde. I was very lucky to be there and although not as beautiful as the real thing, maybe this picture can give you an idea.


Then, I travelled; together with my son I made went to a beautiful city. I think you can guess where….?!

Triomf van Sint Ignatius van Loyola - detail (America en Europa) - Andrea Pozzo

Spaanse Trappen



I made over 400 pictures in just 4 days. I think it is best to leave it at these four.

Last but not least a little preview of what I working on. It’s almost finished, and I think I like it that much that I will write a pattern for it.

P1000678 P1000680

Groetjes, Dorien


PS: 2 jaar geleden heb ik een vertaling gemaakt van Jam Mades patroon van een olifantje. Helaas heeft zij plotseling haar toestemming hiervoor ingetrokken en mij gevraagd het patroon te verwijderen. Om jullie de kans te geven het patroon toch af te maken als je ermee bezig bent, heb ik besloten het nog 2 weken te laten staan, maar vanaf 5 juni zal het echt weg zijn. Mocht je dus een olifantje aan het haken zijn, of ken je iemand die ermee bezig is, zorg dan dat je niet voor verrassingen komt te staan!

Magical and enchanting

Hello, how nice of you to come and visit. I’m back! It has been an awesome week, and I’m afraid I’m going to share a lot of pictures with you. So grab a cup of tea, a couple of cookies and have a seat.


Although the temperature was quite perfect for a trip, there were a lot of clouds which made this view not as perfect as I would have hoped, but I think you can see enough to guess where I’ve been…..

Right, I was in Istanbul. And what a wonderful and amazing place this is.

Above you can see a view on the Golden Horn, with in the background Galata Bridge.

Of course we went to see all the highlights, which were very conveniently all on walking distance from our hotel.

Blue Mosque


Hagia Sophia



Topkapi Palace




All these buildings showed such wealth, such extravagance, that it sometimes (in my opinion) just was too much. But it is amazing to see how everything is put together, the architecture of these ancient buildings, the magnificence and grandeur.

Of course, going to a place like Istanbul you have to see all these things, but what I liked much more, was to see Istanbul how it nowadays is.

A little bit of both, ancient and contemporary are the bazaars with so many fragrances and colours, all the little streets, the noise, the liveliness.






It was breathtaking to walk here; the prices they ask were quite high, and you have to bargain. But I’m awful at haggling and higgling, so I didn’t actually buy anything.

The last day we were in town, we went for a long walk, across  the quarter of Sultanahmet, over the Galata Bridge, to Beyoğlu, right up to Taksim Square, and back through the small alleys. In retrospect, this was my favorite day.








It is hard to believe we’ve only seen a very small part of the European part of Istanbul. The Asian part, we haven’t been to at all. So, despite of this overload of pictures, it only represents a small part of this enchanting city.

Groetjes, Dorien