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A bunting for ….

The last step to make was to sew the ‘bunting’ onto…


Can you see it when it’s slowly unfolding?


Indeed, the parasol! It was a plain, boring parasol and it became just a little more ‘me’ with this border to it.


Now all I hope for is nice sunny weather the next few days.


Groetjes, Dorien

New project(s)

This last month has been a strange month. It has gone by so quickly; I can’t even imagine it is almost August. When this month started I really wanted to start a few new projects. I had lots of ideas, and wanted to try them. But that didn’t happen. For a good reason. I was asked to make a couple of skirt guards, and a roses scarf. Wonderful to do, but it took me so much time that all my ideas were lying on the shelves, calling me every day.

This week I finally finished the last item, and I could start with something new. But instead of starting with one of my previous ideas, I came across this cute little pattern at Ravelry, which I just had to use for a little garland. Luckily it is very easy and quick, so within a few hours it was finished.



Pattern for the heart can be found here.

This morning my husband surprised me with a beautiful bouquet. And my birthday isn’t until next week!


Then finally I started with a new project. Something I have had in mind for a long, long time. I’ve always been intrigued by embroidery patterns, and something I wanted to try was translating a  border-pattern to a knitting pattern for a scarf or a cowl.  The first attempt for this I did a month ago, and I will show pictures of that in a few weeks. I learned a lot from that project, and now I’m going to make a cowl.

Knitting in the round, asks for a pattern which repeats itself. So that is what I’m making now.



Well, back to the drawing board. I wish you all a very happy weekend.

Groetjes, Dorien