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R for Rosetta


With lots of time on my hands I could finally finish something I started ages ago. The potholder in the middle was made last year, and back then I was asked to make a pattern for it. Didn’t know it would take me this long.


I’ve made a couple of circles/mandala’s with different colours and different edgings; they would do great under a beautiful vase, or maybe even as decoration on the wall.


I even made one with bulky yarn, just to see if the pattern would do for this kind of yarn too.


The pattern is in the shop. I had so much fun doing this, that I really wonder why it took me so long.

Groetjes, Dorien



Life is like a twister nowadays. Parents going into hospital and going home, one healed, but also one of them so very ill that nothing can be done anymore. She is at home now, we go there as often as we can, but it is so awful to see her like this. So once at home we really need kleenex and a blanket to get warm again.

This also means that I can’t really figure out new stuff. I’m still working on the tuxedo for my son, but because it needs a focus I don’t have, it is going very slowly.


So in the evening when I can, I sit down with some leftover yarn and just try to do something without thinking.


Two colourful potholders are the result! They are made with 2 layers, so very thick and a great way to protect your fingers. Both front and back are the same, and they measure appr. 7 inches.

I’ve also prepared an extra bed upstairs. Tomorrow I’m going to hospital for surgery on my foot (nothing serious), and my husband really is afraid of hurting me, so he wants me to sleep alone for a while.


Groetjes, Dorien

Simple and quick

Watching the finals of Roland Garros, I needed a quick and easy project. So I grabbed my bag with cotton, a hook, and just the most amazing pattern for potholders I ever saw.


It’s a pattern which challenges you to use all the colours in your stash.



You make a front and a back side. I made the back in the same colour as I used for the outlining. Then they are easily crocheted together.


The pattern is by Jennifer Martin and can be found here.


Groetjes, Dorien