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Flowers everywhere


Looks a bit like flowers, doesn’t it? Lots and lots of circles, but put together like this, I think they even would be lovely as a corsage. Just add a few leaves!

I’m not going to make flowers of them, and as soon as I can, I’ll show you what it’s going to be. The only clue I can give right now, is that I’m using one of my own patterns…..

This beauty is in my front yard. And since a couple of years I had the idea to ‘watch’ the blossom grow. This year finally I thought of it in time, and for a period of almost 2 weeks I made a picture every day.


I hope the flowers will be this gorgeous for a couple of days, because it’s over far too soon every year. The smell is wonderful too.

The path under the tree is the one we have to use when we go out on our bikes; every day several times. And the branches of the tree are now so heavy, that we all have to bend over pretty deep to get through. But I’m not going to cut them as one of the boys suggested.

If you haven’t done it yet, there’s still a bit time to join the little give away!

Groetjes, Dorien

Green Day



Today is Earth Day, and when I was walking in the park this afternoon, it was so very quiet, that it was almost as if the park, and all the trees and plants were whispering to me to listen and stand still; just to look at the beauty of all the greens around me. So that is what I did.






Groetjes, Dorien