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New York Beauty Pillow

Long time ago I made The Colourful Quilt  and it is on one of the walls in the livingroom ever since. One of our neighbours asked me once if he could buy it, but of course I said no.

This weekend he has a housewarming party and I had to come up with an idea for a gift: not a complete quilt , but a pillow inspired by the quilt.


It had been a while since I practised sharp points, but it worked out just fine.


The front is quilted with freehand swirls.


The back is a red cotton fabric, the same as the binding. It is a very thick, but soft pillow.


The only thing I’m not completely happy about is the binding; I think it should have been a bit less wide.
The pattern is a New York Beauty block from EQ8, which I have changed a bit, and I’ve added the  bleu star in the center.


Groetjes, Dorien

Hugs and Kisses

P1040731 (2)

Everyone needs hugs and kisses, and they come in very different shapes and styles. Therefore I had the idea of making a quilt with hugs ( O ) and kisses ( X ) in different ways and colors.

The hugs are sometimes bright and complete, and sometimes just small or even incomplete (a pat on the back).
The same goes for the kisses.

xox 1

So I came up with this design (made in EQ8). A white background to make the colors more visible and lots of x’s and o’s as if they were  scattered over the quilt.

P1040694 (2)

Whilst making I skipped a few kisses and changed some colors. I think it is more balanced this way.

The back of the quilt is just plain white, as is the binding. The quilting is straight lines, most a quarter of an inch apart, some half an inch and a few an inch. I like the texture this gives.

The quilt measures 48”inch square, is made with plain cotton fabric and quilted with Wonderfil Konfetti.


P1040733 (2)

Groetjes, Dorien

Some finished projects

P1040645 (2)

It has been a while since my last post, but that doesn’t mean it was very quiet over here. Lots of life going on, and lots of projects finally finished. The first I can show is this little quilt.
A few months ago, I was very happy to get the wonderful EQ8, a quilt-design software. I’ve been playing with it a lot and designed the most fabulous quilts, which I’ll never make because they are far too complicated.

WC Quiltje

But this one is completely made by me. I’ve designed three blocks (which are probably to be found somewhere on the web, but what is the fun about that?), and printed the templates.

Each block is 10”inch , and with the border the quilt measures 22”inches (56 cm).


Then all the pieces were cut and the patchwork done.


P1040490 (2)

After quilting (which is not my forte!) I’ve made the binding and a sleeve to hang the quilt. And maybe you’ve noticed: I did the sleeve on the wrong side, so now the large starblock is on the bottom left instead of on the right.

Then, because winter is over, I finally finished this warm, soft cardigan.


Pattern: Weekend Walk
Yarn: Drops Air (Orange)

And last but not least a new tunic, made of linen.

P1040631 (2)

The fabric is screenprinted by hand at a Dutch company: Vlinder

The neckline is almost square. You can’t see any stitches, because I understitched it. This gives it a very clean look.


The sleeves have little box pleats.


And because I really wear a scarf every day, I made one from the leftover fabric.


That’s it for now; I’m going to practice on my quilting skills.

Groetjes, Dorien

Finished quilttop (almost)

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the quilt I was making. A landscape quilt with a little river, some mountains, a house, a tree and a sun. The top is now almost finished. The only thing left to do is embroider names and a date, and because I can’t show those, this is the last moment I can make pictures to show.

The first thing added since last time was a little bird.

P1040555 (2)


The cows moved to the left bank of the river and I decided that the little pigs and lambs had to be left out of the quilt. Then the flowers and leaves were drawn, cut and put on.



P1040558 (2)

Every flower and leave has been sewn and there is a little embroidery too.


(You can click on the image to enlarge to see more detail.) Everything is stitched now, including the mountains and the sun.

P1040570 (2)

And then one last picture, of the complete quilttop.

P1040548 (2)

This is an order from one of my neighbours. His daughter is getting married and this is going to be his gift to her.  All elements are what he asked for. Now he wants me to embroider both names and the date of the wedding and after that I can make a proper quilt out of it with a back and some batting. I’m not going to quilt a lot, just a few lines.

Groetjes, Dorien

House renovation and a bit of gardening

Last week I showed you the quilt I’m working on. It had some mountains in the background, a river, a sun and a house. Lots of empty space to fill.

But I wasn’t too happy about the house. It was dull and I wanted the house to have a bit of personality. So I made a new house.

P1040448 bijgesneden

It’s a lot lighter, and not nearly finished. Later I will make window frames and probably give the house more detail. It already has a bit of garden and some animals.

P1040464 (2)

Right now the animals have only been pinned on to the fabric because I’m not quite satisfied with them. The plants also need some detailing and  I ‘m not sure wether it’s going to be done with thread (embroidery) or by coloring with a pencil.

Next step:


From different shades of green I cut different shapes. Some quite large, and the lighter tones quite small. This is going to be my tree. I already had a treetrunk, and some branches cut out and put on the quilttop.


The heart in the center is there because the quilt is going to be a wedding gift. Now it looks quite odd, but I’m sure that when it’s finished it will look like a natural woodknot.
Now it’s time to place all the leaves. Before cutting, I had double-sided adhesive (like Heat and Bond lite) ironed to the back of the fabric and after cutting, removed all the paper on the back. So after putting all the leaves on the quilt, all I had to do was ironing.

P1040454 (2)

Because the sun is on the right, that side of the tree will have more light and that has to be shown in the leaves. So on the left are more dark tones, becoming lighter and brighter to the other side. I wasn’t too particular about placing. The smallest, lightest leaves came last, and then all was set by iron.


Groetjes, Dorien

Busy as a Bee


Sometimes nothing really happens, and then all of a sudden everything seems to happen at the same time. This last week was such a week. I’ve spent more hours in the chair of the dentist then I’ve ever done before; really, this man needs another hobby! Then on Friday I went to the annual exhibition of the National Quilters Guild. It was only 5 minutes walk away from my home, so I couldn’t resist.
Now there is this funny thing about this exhibition, and every time I go, I come home with the same feeling. The quilts are really beautiful, and very well made (far better than I ever could do), but the style is very conservative. There are only a few quilts you could call innovatory, and that makes me a bit sad. Maybe it is just the wrong place for me. But I do want to show the masterpiece of the exhibition.

It is called ‘Hot Africa’, and made by Janneke de Vries. On her website you can find more detailes from this beautiful piece of art.

Sunday was special too. For the first time in a few decades, my husband and I went to a concert; The Wall by Roger Waters. It was great!! I really hope it’s not going to take this long before we can go to another concert, because it really is such a nice way of spending time together.

As for crafting: I received a package I ordered, and I can’t show too much, because it is going to be a gift for someone who reads this blog occasionally.


Actually, it is about the yarn, but the fabric might give a little clue.

Then on my table: fabric, lots of fabric.


These fabrics don’t match at all, but then they don’t have to. I’m making new blouses for myself.

And last but not least, I think I found a new hobby for myself, or maybe it is just Midlife Crisis??


Well, I guess this is enough for now. Hope you are having a great time too!

Groetjes, Dorien

Putting the pieces together

Today I’ve been playing with the designs for the Forest QAL. Some of them I’ve made smaller, and then I’ve put the pieces together for all the animals.


The Jay, woodpecker and squirrel have been downsized, the other animals are still the same as the original. As you can see I haven’t cut out all of them exactly yet. I think especially the jay needs some modifying.  The pieces are far too small now.

The next challenge is to put them together in a way that they can be pieced together. Maybe something like this.


Groetjes, Dorien

Forest QAL, All Blocks Made

It has been quiet over here, hasn’t it? But I’ve been working quit hard. It was time to finish all the blocks for the Forest QAL. There were 6 more to make:

Slow Coming Spring

The flower is inspired on Liverwort, a flower with blue-purple leaves. I tried to find the right colours, and the result makes me quit happy, even though there are a few little flaws made.

Red Panda

Isn’t he cute? I never heard of this animal, but I really like him.

Fern Flower

The flower was inspired by a legend as Julianna, who designed this block mentioned. It is fun to read. Because my background fabric is green, I was afraid that it would become boring if I used only 1 green fabric for the leaves of the fern, that’s why I chose to make it like this.


Of course a little squirrel had to be made. Do you see the little acorn?

Pine Marten

Again so cute. I’m not too happy about the chest, but the rock came out wonderful. Took me longer then the marten itself, because I had just a small piece of this fabric, and I wanted to use it as much as possible.


Looking at this block I thought it was the easiest of them all. Just didn’t see all the points where the parts had to meet exactly!


So here are all 12 blocks (in random order). Even though it might not look like that, they all have the same background, so I guess the differences shown now, will be gone when made into a quilt. I’m not completely sure about how to make these into a quilt, but I have an idea. It’s just so incredibly complicated, that I’m afraid it won’t work, but I’ll give it a try.

Groetjes, Dorien

Work in Progress

Hello; how nice of you to visit! It has been a crazy couple of days for me. This weekend I was featured on the Facebook page of Garnstudio Drops Design . Of course that meant a lot to me, and the response was immense! So I’ve been at my computer a lot of time.

In between I’ve been working on my hexagons.


The pile keeps growing, and by now I’m sure it is going to be another blanket.


Every hexagon starts with a 3-round circle, and all of these hexies are different. And I haven’t even made circles with pink and purple shades yet.

I’ve also tried to make a little keychain in a heart shape, but I’m not yet satisfied. The heart doesn’t stand out as it should, so I have to work on that.

And then there is of course a new block of the Forest QAL that I’ve finished.

Now I’m only 3 blocks behind! I really hope there will be time to catch up soon. But at home there is work to do as well. I thought it might be a wise thing to do some painting. The woodwork around the windows really needs to be done, so that is what I started to do. But the idea was only the woodwork!


Our house is more than a hundred years old, and of course we know that you always can expect the unexpected. But this is not really what we were hoping for. Instead of a job for a few weekends, I guess we’ll be working on this all summer.

Groetjes, Dorien

Gordana’s Pouf

Do you remember the  Circles into Squares Tutorial  I wrote a couple of months ago?  A lovely lade from Serbia, Gordana, used it to make a wonderful cover for her pouf. She allowed me to show you pictures of it:

Isn’t this a great idea??

I’ve been working on the 5th block of the Forest QAL, and this time it was an Eurasian Jay. I really loved this, because there is a Jay in my garden almost every day. And because I’m not actually living in a forest, more in the center of a town, I thought it was so funny to find this pattern in a Forest QAL.

This was the first block that really gave me a hard time. Somehow Mr. Murphy joined me when I was stitching this one up, and some of the parts I had to do over. But in the end I was very happy with the result, until…. When I was removing the paper I unfortunately pierced the fabric and now there is a little hole in it!  I’m not sure what to do about it, because mending it would definitely not make the block more beautiful, and the idea of making it all over again, is not very appealing to me. For now I’ll let it rest, and I’ll decide later.

Groetjes, Dorien