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A little boat trip

Yesterday we went on a little boat trip in the ‘Schermer’. This is one of the polders, in the neighborhood of my hometown. It consists of a lot of little islands, surrounded with canals and ditches.

This picture was taken while standing on land. The next pics are from the boat, and as you can see, your eye is then on the same level as the land.


Because every single island is surrounded by reed, to prevend the soil from getting into the water, you get lovely sights.


A lot of these islands are used by the farmers to keep their cows and sheep on. They transport these animals by boat!





Groetjes, Dorien

Something to prevent my fabrics from getting a texture I don’t want them to have


These beautiful roses were a present from my husband on our wedding anniversary. They are exactly the same color as the roses in my wedding bouquet  and there were 21 of them; one for each year. Isn’t that thoughtful?
They smell heavenly.


This is a small ironing board I bought a few years ago at IKEA. It’s quite handy, because it can be put on my sewing table and it’s perfect to iron all the little seams you have when making patchwork.

But; I don’t like the cover at all, and it’s very thin, so the grid can sometimes get into the fabric. So I was already used to using a towel or something of the kind to protect the fabric.

Every reason to make a new cover!


I started with 21/2 inch squares, made of Dutch fabrics.


Some more red, white and blue, a checkered binding and it’s finished!


For the back I used a thick, cotton fabric. In Dutch we say ‘molton’, but I don’t know the English word for it. This way the grid won’t get into my fabric anymore. I didn’t want to use a synthetic batting, because that could melt.


In the binding is a cord, which can be pulled together, to keep the cover in place.


Groetjes, Dorien

Dutch Blue Bird

Hello and thank you for your lovely comments. It is always a pleasure to read them and I appreciate them very much.

I had planned to make a post today with some pictures of Brussels, because I had planned to go there last Saturday. But Murphy’s law came by in the shape of a terrible headache so this trip was cancelled and hopefully we can go somewhere in the next few weeks.

As promised, I will show you the last few presents I made for Sinterklaas. The first one is a hat I was asked to make for our oldest son. He really likes to hide himself in almost every possible way, and this hat, …., well see for yourself:


He is actually a rather handsome boy to see, can’t you tell?

The last gift I made were a pair of socks for our host-daughter. She is from Costa Rica and there, even in the night, temperature hardly ever drops below 20 degrees Celsius. So you can imagine that she’s having a lot of trouble dealing with the cold nights we have. She is always wearing double pair of socks, even in bed.
Because she is a very girly girl, I decided to make a pair with flowers and with a little bit of purple and pink in them.


Yarn: Drops Delight.

On my table last week:


A really soft, brown fake fur fabric, a medallion with an embroidered bluebird and some Dutch cotton fabrics.

Can you guess what I made with them?

Right, another bag. I just love to make bags and to match different fabrics.


Groetjes, Dorien

Dutch Mug Rug going on Tour

Last week I was introduced to Laura of Quokka Quilts. She is organizing a ‘Mug Rugs of the World Tour’. The idea is to make a mug rug with a theme from your country or even the place you are. You don’t have to send it anywhere, so it’s not a swap or anything. Just make a mug rug to ‘represent’ your own country.

Of course, I couldn’t resist. To make this mug rug, I had immediately so many ideas. Should I use typically Dutch fabrics?


But what theme to use? There are so many typical Dutch themes, like windmills, wooden shoes, tulips. Those are the obvious ones. But there is also something like ‘gezelligheid’. A Dutch word which is hard to translate, but it means something like cozy, sociable, homy. It refers to the comfort of a warm house where you can snuggle under a warm blanket with good company and a mug of hot chocolat. This made me think of all the beautiful houses in Holland; they look (at least to me!) quite inviting and I love the different facades and rooftops. So that was my theme!


I made a little sketch and used it as a template for the houses.


For the house in the middle I used a piece of lace, because I really didn’t know how else I could make the white sides with all the curls.



It was a lot of fun making this little mug rug, and because I still have so many ideas to make more of them, I think I will do just that someday. For now this will be my contribution to the Mug Rug World Tour.

If you would like to make your own Mug Rug representing your country, in my sidebar you can find the button.

Groetjes, Dorien


Welcome. Please join me in a little tour through Alckmaer in the Middle Ages. First we enter the large tower, where the Town Crier welcomes us.



Then we enter a world we only know of stories.

 003 002005

Some beautiful people, but also people who are sick, drunk or very poor.

012 029 033 020

Where children couldn’t play, but had to work or were living in places they shouldn’t be.

023 025

Where people went on their last journey by boat and where the laundry was hanging over the street.

014 031


Groetjes from Kaeskoppenstad, Dorien

A promise


Quite some time ago I promised Carol to show why anyone would visit my town. The first reason that would come into mind would be ‘The Cheese market’. This is organised every Friday in spring and summer, and attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. As it is too early in the year I can’t show any pictures of that.

The reason I love Alkmaar, is because it is an old city, with lots of old buildings remained in a very good condition, and above all, because of all the canals and bridges. The most famous building is of course the ‘Waag’, in front of which the cheese market is held, but also the city hall and the big church are beautiful. I would say: enjoy a walk on a very sunny Sunday afternoon!

‘Molen van Piet’














City Hall

Big Church







Groetjes, Dorien

Patchwork and Quilt Fair

Last week I wrote about the blue cardigan I’m knitting. Over the weekend I knitted quite a lot, but I had to frog it. The upper part of this cardigan has a lace pattern and that is something I find very hard to make. So obviously it all went wrong, and I’m back at the same point as I was last week. So nothing to show you on that front.

In the weekend I went to a craft fair, where there was quite a large part reserved for patchwork and quilting. One of the most beautiful quilts I saw, was made by Mariet Soethout-Mous. It is a mixture of printed fabrics, embroidery, ribbons and little dolls attached.



006 008

Of course I couldn’t resist all the gorgeous booths with fabric. So I bought some Dutch colours,


and some bright coloured fabric,


Then I saw the best rotary cutter ever!!


Just couldn’t resist those little tulips.

Groetjes, Dorien

3 About a doll


Hello everyone, from a very cold, snowy Holland. This time I want to tell you something about my favourite DOLL. Yes indeed, a doll. Not that I still play with dolls; actually, I never really did. All I used to do was sew clothes for them.

My favourite doll is not a doll to play with. I got her for my first birthday from my grandparents. They lived in the province of Zeeland, and wanted to give their grandchildren something from there. So I got a doll in costume. The costume is handmade and exactly according to the standard of the region of Zuid-Beveland; to be more exact, the protestant costume.

Picture 002


Picture 005

Although the dress and the scarf are very specific, it is especially the cap which tells where the costume was worn.

Picture 004

When I was a child and I visited Zeeland, there were quite some women in the streets wearing the costume. Not only in Zuid-Beveland, but also in other parts of Zeeland. Nowadays it is still worn, but very seldom.

For the costumes there were special fabrics. I have a few of them in my stash. They are quite heavy cotton fabrics, and the designs are woven in.  As far as I know, every single fabric was used in a specific way, according to certain rules for making the costumes.

Picture 011  

Groetjes, Dorien

Dutch Knitting Bag 2


Remember the Dutch Knitting Bag I wrote about a few weeks ago? Well, I thought it was about time to finish it! So the last few days I did some embroidery:

Picture 010bewerkt(on a Dutch bag, there should be tulips don’t you think?)

After that I sewed the panels

Picture 010Picture 012

Did some quilting

Picture 015   

And after sewing everything together; TADAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Picture 025

Picture 026

Picture 027

   On the bottom of the bag I made a divider to prevent the yarn from ravelling.

Picture 030

Well, I know what I am going to do tonight; sit on the couch with the jacket I’m knitting.

Before I forget; there was surprise-mail for me today. For the ‘Friendship Afghan’ I got two beautiful squares from Linda from Minnesota USA.

Picture 020One knitted and one crocheted. Both in beautiful warm wool. I loooooove them, even more because Linda used just the perfect colours. 

Dutch Knitting Bag 1

When I look out my window I only want to stay inside. It is pouring out there, so I have every reason to sit on the couch with my knitting, or at my table. After a few weeks rest I heard my sewing machine calling me. She had been sitting in her dark little corner for too long and wanted to get out. Because I never have to think long what to make I decided to have a go at a new project; a knitting bag. I’m not using any pattern. I’m just making it up while it is growing. It has to be big; big enough to hold a lot of wool, needles, scissors, stitch markers, a pen or two, sewing needles, pattern, and a knitting project.

So I started with the interior of the bag.

Picture 003 At the bottom you see a pocket for extra knitting needles, above it at the left there is a  needle wallet, and at the right a little pocket.

Picture 008

A pocket for scissors,

Picture 009  and one for a pen or crochet hook.

Can’t show more yet; even I don’t know how it is going to look.