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Forest QAL, All Blocks Made

It has been quiet over here, hasn’t it? But I’ve been working quit hard. It was time to finish all the blocks for the Forest QAL. There were 6 more to make:

Slow Coming Spring

The flower is inspired on Liverwort, a flower with blue-purple leaves. I tried to find the right colours, and the result makes me quit happy, even though there are a few little flaws made.

Red Panda

Isn’t he cute? I never heard of this animal, but I really like him.

Fern Flower

The flower was inspired by a legend as Julianna, who designed this block mentioned. It is fun to read. Because my background fabric is green, I was afraid that it would become boring if I used only 1 green fabric for the leaves of the fern, that’s why I chose to make it like this.


Of course a little squirrel had to be made. Do you see the little acorn?

Pine Marten

Again so cute. I’m not too happy about the chest, but the rock came out wonderful. Took me longer then the marten itself, because I had just a small piece of this fabric, and I wanted to use it as much as possible.


Looking at this block I thought it was the easiest of them all. Just didn’t see all the points where the parts had to meet exactly!


So here are all 12 blocks (in random order). Even though it might not look like that, they all have the same background, so I guess the differences shown now, will be gone when made into a quilt. I’m not completely sure about how to make these into a quilt, but I have an idea. It’s just so incredibly complicated, that I’m afraid it won’t work, but I’ll give it a try.

Groetjes, Dorien

Work in Progress

Hello; how nice of you to visit! It has been a crazy couple of days for me. This weekend I was featured on the Facebook page of Garnstudio Drops Design . Of course that meant a lot to me, and the response was immense! So I’ve been at my computer a lot of time.

In between I’ve been working on my hexagons.


The pile keeps growing, and by now I’m sure it is going to be another blanket.


Every hexagon starts with a 3-round circle, and all of these hexies are different. And I haven’t even made circles with pink and purple shades yet.

I’ve also tried to make a little keychain in a heart shape, but I’m not yet satisfied. The heart doesn’t stand out as it should, so I have to work on that.

And then there is of course a new block of the Forest QAL that I’ve finished.

Now I’m only 3 blocks behind! I really hope there will be time to catch up soon. But at home there is work to do as well. I thought it might be a wise thing to do some painting. The woodwork around the windows really needs to be done, so that is what I started to do. But the idea was only the woodwork!


Our house is more than a hundred years old, and of course we know that you always can expect the unexpected. But this is not really what we were hoping for. Instead of a job for a few weekends, I guess we’ll be working on this all summer.

Groetjes, Dorien

Gordana’s Pouf

Do you remember the  Circles into Squares Tutorial  I wrote a couple of months ago?  A lovely lade from Serbia, Gordana, used it to make a wonderful cover for her pouf. She allowed me to show you pictures of it:

Isn’t this a great idea??

I’ve been working on the 5th block of the Forest QAL, and this time it was an Eurasian Jay. I really loved this, because there is a Jay in my garden almost every day. And because I’m not actually living in a forest, more in the center of a town, I thought it was so funny to find this pattern in a Forest QAL.

This was the first block that really gave me a hard time. Somehow Mr. Murphy joined me when I was stitching this one up, and some of the parts I had to do over. But in the end I was very happy with the result, until…. When I was removing the paper I unfortunately pierced the fabric and now there is a little hole in it!  I’m not sure what to do about it, because mending it would definitely not make the block more beautiful, and the idea of making it all over again, is not very appealing to me. For now I’ll let it rest, and I’ll decide later.

Groetjes, Dorien

I’m going on a trip and I’m bringing….

Hello lovely ladies. How are you doing?? You have all been so kind to me lately, with all your nice comments and questions.

So as I mentioned in my last post, I was thinking of making a new toiletry bag, because I’m going on a trip in 2 weeks. The idea was a bag with a large compartment for bottles, and a lot of smaller pockets. I thought it would be great if it could be hung as well. So, this is the idea I came up with:


After drawing this, I needed quite some time to figure out how to construct this. I didn’t want the seams to become very thick, and especially the way of attaching the compartment to the back gave me some trouble.


This is the front, with a fabric button, because I couldn’t find a matching one, I made it myself.

Then looking from different angles:




Maybe you notice that it became a little bit different than the original idea. I skipped the pockets on the top, because I thought it was becoming too large.

Now there are 2 zippered pockets, and on top 3 small pockets, which I gave a little bit extra space by folding the seams.



Groetjes, Dorien

2 More Forest Blocks

The third block of the Forest QAL is a beautiful forest with tree trunks, called the ‘Aspen Grove’. The first time I saw it I thought WOW, and immediately OMG!! How to make this? What colours to use? So I had a look at pictures of Aspen Grove, and I fell in love with the Fall colours (not really a surprise!). So I wanted to use lots of orange/yellow/red.

I’m not totally satisfied with how it turned out. I find it hard to recognize the trees, so maybe I’ll make another version of this block, using different colours. Just don’t know yet which colours that would be. Any ideas??

The last block so far is a Maple Fox. And this made me very happy, because I really was hoping for a fox being one of the patterns. Why? I don’t know really, but I do like foxes a lot.

So this is what I’ve made so far:

I can  absolutely recommend this QAL. The instructions are very clear and the patterns are well made. And of course it is so much fun to do!

Groetjes, Dorien


After a long time of mostly knitting, I’ve been sewing again this week. Maybe you remember the E-book cover I made for my husband? That was so much fun to make, that I thought it would be nice to make more of them, but then for the shop.

Again, I used only scraps, but now only cotton.

So this is what I started with:


The fun of this project is that you only use straight lines, and other than that measurements don’t really matter. Even the smallest scraps can be put into use.


053 045


But to make only one…;..

Of course not! I had another box with scraps, so:


This time with blue shades.

056 057



Groetjes, Dorien

Scrappy Strips

A couple of years ago, I got a box filled with little pieces of fabrics from my neighbor. She used to be a colour therapist, but quit her job and had all these fabrics in every colour you can imagine. The pieces were all 10×5 cm, in very different kinds of fabric: velvet, cotton, satin, wool, tweed, you name it!
Most of the fabrics were sorted, but on top of the box was a pile in all colours.

This pile I used to make a top, by sewing 3 strips together, and then these blocks.

This top has been lying on the shelves for a long time, because I didn’t really know what to do with it. Until today.


I quilted the top quite tight, because it will be used quite intense.


I added a back:


And after sewing front and back together with a binding and a zipper I had:


A new pillow for Fleur!


Groetjes, Dorien

My Colourful Quilt

It has been a wonderful weekend with lots of really beautiful weather. Still I didn’t go out that much. The garden is a mess; next week we are supposed to put a new terrace in, so now a lot of work needs to be done there. No sitting in the sun!

But the main reason, was that I really wanted to finish my quilt.

I used a lot of different kinds of quilting:

7 (3)


7 (7)

7 (6)

I know now for sure that I need a lot more practice to make the quilting perfect. So many mistakes I made! But only when it was really bad, I did the quilting over. Otherwise it would never be finished.

Now the only question is: how to hang the quilt? I like all four sides, so I made a tunnel at every one of them.


The pattern of this quilt is: The Colourful Quilt, by Jacqueline de Jonge.

Groetjes, Dorien

About what I did with all the fabrics on my table

Hello. I’m sorry that it took so long before I wrote this post. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to write about, I just couldn’t find the time to do it.

A few months ago, a new chair found its way into the living room. Not exactly a new chair, because it belonged to one of the boys. A lovely chair, and it’s great to sit in.


But as you can see; it’s GREY!!!

Not really my style. So I’ve been thinking what to do about that. Just a colourful pillow in it, wasn’t enough. A new cover in a bright colour was a good idea. But, ever since I read about Squint London, I was in love with their style. So this is what I wanted for this chair. The fabrics I showed in my previous post were for this chair.

Not that I had ever done any upholstery ever before; so it was quite a challenge.

003  004


And for whom thinks it is a bit too much, I made the seat 2-sided:


This was really a fun project and I’m very happy with the result. Now, instead of a dull, grey little chair, we have a real eye catcher in the room.

Groetjes, Dorien

Something to prevent my fabrics from getting a texture I don’t want them to have


These beautiful roses were a present from my husband on our wedding anniversary. They are exactly the same color as the roses in my wedding bouquet  and there were 21 of them; one for each year. Isn’t that thoughtful?
They smell heavenly.


This is a small ironing board I bought a few years ago at IKEA. It’s quite handy, because it can be put on my sewing table and it’s perfect to iron all the little seams you have when making patchwork.

But; I don’t like the cover at all, and it’s very thin, so the grid can sometimes get into the fabric. So I was already used to using a towel or something of the kind to protect the fabric.

Every reason to make a new cover!


I started with 21/2 inch squares, made of Dutch fabrics.


Some more red, white and blue, a checkered binding and it’s finished!


For the back I used a thick, cotton fabric. In Dutch we say ‘molton’, but I don’t know the English word for it. This way the grid won’t get into my fabric anymore. I didn’t want to use a synthetic batting, because that could melt.


In the binding is a cord, which can be pulled together, to keep the cover in place.


Groetjes, Dorien