Gordana’s Pouf

Do you remember the  Circles into Squares Tutorial  I wrote a couple of months ago?  A lovely lade from Serbia, Gordana, used it to make a wonderful cover for her pouf. She allowed me to show you pictures of it:

Isn’t this a great idea??

I’ve been working on the 5th block of the Forest QAL, and this time it was an Eurasian Jay. I really loved this, because there is a Jay in my garden almost every day. And because I’m not actually living in a forest, more in the center of a town, I thought it was so funny to find this pattern in a Forest QAL.

This was the first block that really gave me a hard time. Somehow Mr. Murphy joined me when I was stitching this one up, and some of the parts I had to do over. But in the end I was very happy with the result, until…. When I was removing the paper I unfortunately pierced the fabric and now there is a little hole in it!  I’m not sure what to do about it, because mending it would definitely not make the block more beautiful, and the idea of making it all over again, is not very appealing to me. For now I’ll let it rest, and I’ll decide later.

Groetjes, Dorien

10 thoughts on “Gordana’s Pouf

  1. Depending upon where the hole is, could you use a bead or other decorative item to cover it, whilst adding to the overall effect of your lovely block? Love the cover by the way.

  2. Love that poof – so cheerful – you obviously gave a great tutorial.
    The quilt block is stunning. Could you darn the hole, or use an iron-on mender?

  3. Was mijn idee ook, strijkvliseline erachter en het gaat niet verder. Ik heb het ook met een lange wijde rok gedaan, het zit al een hele poos en niemand die het ziet.
    Ik vind de qal erg leuk, mooie bloks. En ook het patroon van de deken/poef is prachtig! Staat nog op m'n verlanglijstje!

  4. Soms kun je strijkkatoen achter een gaatje strijken, dan valt het niet op en gaat het niet verder. Het is een hele mooie gaai geworden! Zelfs terwijl Murphy je tot het einde lastig bleef vallen.

  5. Thank you for featuring my pouf! But there would be no pouf if it weren't for your beautiful pattern! A baby blanket is in progress too 🙂

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