Colored Circles

Hello and thank you very much for the nice comments on my last post. Making these tops is so nice, that it inspired me to make another one. This time I’m not using a geometrical pattern, but circles.


As you can see, I already made quite a few of them!

Because it took me a long time, before I knew how to make perfect circles to applique, I ‘ll show you how I do it.

First you make a template out of cardboard, in the size you want your circle. Do this very meticulous.

Then you grab a piece of fabric, and as you can see in the picture, if your circle isn’t too big, the piece can be rather small! This is exactly why I keep almost all  scraps in a box; they just might come in hand one day.


Now with a chalk pencil you draw the circle on to your fabric scrap. Then cut it out with a small seam allowance.


With sewing thread, make stitches around, and make sure your first and last stitch overlap.


As you can see, both ends of the thread are on the right side of the fabric!

Now you put in your template, and pull the threads.


Tie the knot and that’s it!!


Before sewing the circle on to my fabric, I only press it. I will leave the template in, until I actually applique, just to be sure nothing will happen to the shape.


Have a nice weekend!

Groetjes, Dorien

5 thoughts on “Colored Circles

  1. Making yo-yos is another way to use the gathered side as the front – and can be made into a scarf, shawl, bedrunner, bedspread, and for decorating any item of clothing.

    There are tools for making various sizes of yo-yos but I still prefer finding a lid from a jar or can.

    Anyone here make yo-yos – and how did you use them?

  2. Hi Dorien, such a lovely blog please accept the Liebster blog award from me. Pop over to my blog for more details.

  3. Thank you dear Dorien! I couldn't have thought how easy it can be to make the circles so perfect. Perhaps easy but surely it takes lots of time and you have made so many sizes! You are going to make something special!
    x Teje

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