Every year it is the same thing. When the days get shorter and darker, the weather gets cold and there is a lot of rain, even a few ‘nice’ November storms, I feel rather down. I’m getting very grumpy, I don’t like to eat anymore and I have quite some trouble getting to sleep at night. Sort of December Blues I guess. Only, now it isn’t even December yet. I know it will pass, and luckily everyone in my family knows this, and is kind enough to ignore it, but still.

Somehow, this week there were suddenly a few things to brighten me up. Not a little bit, no a LOT!!!

First there were two very kind ladies, Erin and Angie, who nominated me for a blog award;


Thank you so much. It means a great deal to me.

I know it means I have to tell 10 things about myself, and I will, but not now. If I did, it would probably become a list of negative and boring stuff, no one would like to read. So I keep it in mind, and at the same time I am going to think of people I want to pass this award to. (PROMISE)

The second thing that happened this week was a HUGE surprise.  Remember the vest I made a while ago. That was made by a KAL (knitalong) at Ravelry. Last week the woman who had organized it, asked people to give a vote to the vest they liked most. And guess what, I won!!  It was so great, to see that other people liked it as much as I do. And that was not all. There was a prize attached, a fun pack. Yesterday it arrived….

Copy of Picture 001

A big, very big box, completely filled with:

Picture 003

I keep looking at it, thinking of everything I could make with it, of all the nice things I could do; just dreaming and enjoying it. Thank you Vera!!

Groetjes, Dorien

7 thoughts on “Ietsiepietsie

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  2. hee? Wat leuk! Zie ik een bekend woord en een doos!
    Je ziet? het toeval helpt altijd zomaar! juist als je het niet verwacht!
    Goed he?

  3. First off…that is a wonderful suprise and gift for winning! The possibilities are endless.

    I too get the winter blah humbugs. I thrive on sunshine and warm temps. I'm glad the award made you feel a little better.

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