Lots of hugs


Lots of hugs, that is what these words mean. And that is what is very important in anyones lives, but it is kind of a theme these days in my life.

It’s with reason that I’ve been absent for so long. I don’t think anyone is waiting for me to elaborate on this but a lot of hugs were needed.

Now I’m on my way back, still a long road ahead of me, but I’m getting there. Since a few weeks it’s possible again to craft. A few simple things are already finished, and some larger ones are in progress.


I’ve started to make a landscape quilt. The first pieces have been pinned down, and step by step I’m adding elements. Because I’m a bit unsure about this kind of quilt, I’m watching lots of tutorials and looking at lots of Pinterest pictures; it’s very time-consuming this way, but it gives me lots of ideas. Piece by piece elements are added.



This is the other side of what looks like a potholder, but is actually a kind of postcard made of fabric. The front is embroidered with a beautiful spring design, and quilted with swirls. The back was embroidered on a quite stirdy denim fabric, and then all layers, including the stabilizer on both embroidered pieces, were put together, with a binding made of cotton cut on the bias. A little card for my mum.

Groetjes, Dorien

2 thoughts on “Lots of hugs

  1. Oh Dorien, it sounds as though you have had quite a trial – I do hope things are going better for you now!
    Love your ‘scene’ quilt, and the card for you mother is beautiful.
    Here’s an extra cyber {{{{{hugs}}}}} from me

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