House renovation and a bit of gardening

Last week I showed you the quilt I’m working on. It had some mountains in the background, a river, a sun and a house. Lots of empty space to fill.

But I wasn’t too happy about the house. It was dull and I wanted the house to have a bit of personality. So I made a new house.

P1040448 bijgesneden

It’s a lot lighter, and not nearly finished. Later I will make window frames and probably give the house more detail. It already has a bit of garden and some animals.

P1040464 (2)

Right now the animals have only been pinned on to the fabric because I’m not quite satisfied with them. The plants also need some detailing and  I ‘m not sure wether it’s going to be done with thread (embroidery) or by coloring with a pencil.

Next step:


From different shades of green I cut different shapes. Some quite large, and the lighter tones quite small. This is going to be my tree. I already had a treetrunk, and some branches cut out and put on the quilttop.


The heart in the center is there because the quilt is going to be a wedding gift. Now it looks quite odd, but I’m sure that when it’s finished it will look like a natural woodknot.
Now it’s time to place all the leaves. Before cutting, I had double-sided adhesive (like Heat and Bond lite) ironed to the back of the fabric and after cutting, removed all the paper on the back. So after putting all the leaves on the quilt, all I had to do was ironing.

P1040454 (2)

Because the sun is on the right, that side of the tree will have more light and that has to be shown in the leaves. So on the left are more dark tones, becoming lighter and brighter to the other side. I wasn’t too particular about placing. The smallest, lightest leaves came last, and then all was set by iron.


Groetjes, Dorien

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