Hugs and Kisses

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Everyone needs hugs and kisses, and they come in very different shapes and styles. Therefore I had the idea of making a quilt with hugs ( O ) and kisses ( X ) in different ways and colors.

The hugs are sometimes bright and complete, and sometimes just small or even incomplete (a pat on the back).
The same goes for the kisses.

xox 1

So I came up with this design (made in EQ8). A white background to make the colors more visible and lots of x’s and o’s as if they were  scattered over the quilt.

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Whilst making I skipped a few kisses and changed some colors. I think it is more balanced this way.

The back of the quilt is just plain white, as is the binding. The quilting is straight lines, most a quarter of an inch apart, some half an inch and a few an inch. I like the texture this gives.

The quilt measures 48”inch square, is made with plain cotton fabric and quilted with Wonderfil Konfetti.


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Groetjes, Dorien

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