Disappearing FourPatches, Straight lines

P1040784 (2)

These weeks I’ve been playing around with disappearing patches. It started with just a few fabrics (later I added a few more), cutting out squares (9.5 “ inch) and sewing them together into four-patches (9 inch).



P1040770 (2)

As you can see, I’m not too concerned about the exact measurements. The sewing is more important to be exact.
Next step is to cut in straight lines, an inch from the center.

P1040772 (2)

Then the opposite cornerpieces are switched, and the centerpiece is rotated twice.

P1040774 (2)

Then all is sewn together into a new block, which is of course an inch smaller than the original. (7.5 inch after squaring)

P1040779 (2)

In the first picture you could see how this works when four of these blocks are sewn together. Bold, straight lines, strips and squares. I can imaging this becoming a large quilt.

Quilt Straight lines Tula Pink fabricsThis is colored with random Tula Pink fabrics.

disappearing 4Patch straight lines 2 colors

If you make the same Fourpatch with only 2 colors, you can get a block like this (swap not opposite corners, but the center pieces). In a complete quilt this will look like this:

Quilt 2 kleuren straight lines

Or when playing with colors:

Quilt regenboogkleuren straight linesQuilt straight lines 3 colors

Quilt straight lines dark center light 

Groetjes, Dorien

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